Moral virtue aquired

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Question 6 The cause of virtues

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Religion (virtue)

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The Infused and Aquired Virtues in Aquinas' Moral Philosophy

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Wisdom is a special virtue that is intellectual; however it does guide human choices, while moral virtues are about action. Moral virtues are not acquired by teaching; they are brought on by acting the same way over and over again until it is habitual.

Is virtue in us by nature? Is any virtue caused in us by habituation? Are any moral virtues in us by infusion? Is virtue acquired by habituation, of the same species as infused virtue?

The Infused and Aquired Virtues in Aquinas' Moral Philosophy

Moral virtue comes about as a result of habits of human excellence. So in that case nothing that exists by nature can form a habit. For example, when a bunny is born it does not learn to hop it is born to hop.

Given that parts of the treatment are clearly concerned with infused moral virtues and other parts are clearly concerned with acquired moral virtue, what portion of the discussion in the second part of the second part is devoted to each?

Aristotle on Moral Virtue Phil 19 Apr Aristotle was a Greek philosopher c BC. He presented us with an idea of moral virtue that is unique. He believed that each moral virtue was a delicate balance of a certain characteristic.

This balance was kept between the two extremes: The vice of deficiency and the vice of excess. Virtue Ethics The older or traditional approach to normative ethics. It emphasizes the character of the moral agent over time, rather than following rules or consequences in specific cases.

Moral virtue aquired
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