Mixed race

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mixed race

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Multiracial Americans

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When people try to tell me that mixed race individuals are "the future of the U.S," they (usually unknowingly) deny how mixed race people that came from colonialism and slavery literally provided the foundations for this country. I understand that most of the time, it's completely unintentional.

The term mixed-race may well cause offence. The people so labelled might object to being thought of as a mixture, and identify with one ethnic group.

The people so labelled might object to being thought of as a mixture, and identify with one ethnic group. Jan 17,  · From being treated as a rare, exotic creature, to being asked which side of your heritage you'd pick if you had to. Here are just a few preconceptions mixed-race people have to deal with, along.

Multiracial Americans

That option is normally marked by people that consider themselves multiracial (mestiço). The Mixed Race Day, or Mestizo Day (Dia do Mestiço), on 27 June, is official event in States of Amazonas, Roraima e Paraíba and a holyday in two cities.

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Mixed race
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