Kants categorical imperative

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Immanuel Kant: Metaphysics

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Kant's Moral Philosophy

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Out the Analytic, Kant first drafts the challenge of subsuming linguistic sensations under exam categories in the Topic section. Sep 01,  · The Categorical Imperative deals with universalizability and states that an act is immoral if it cannot be made into a rule for all humankind to follow.

May 01,  · Kant’s Categorical imperative is very different from these Golden Rule. The Categorical imperative mandates action not because it benefits us nor because it. Categorical imperative, in the ethics of the 18th-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant, founder of critical philosophy, a moral law that is unconditional or absolute for all agents, the validity or claim of which does not depend on any ulterior motive or end.

Immanuel Kant: Metaphysics. but the motive that is behind the action. The categorical imperative is Kant's famous statement of this duty. Categorical imperative, in the ethics of the 18th-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant, founder of critical philosophy, a moral law that is unconditional or absolute for all agents, the validity or claim of which does not depend on any ulterior motive or end.

The Categorical Imperative is the central concept in Kant’s ethics. It refers to the “supreme principle of morality ” (), from which all our moral duties are derived. The basic principle of morality is an imperative because it commands certain courses of action.

Kants categorical imperative
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Kant's Moral Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)