Input output devices

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What is the difference between an input and output device?

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List of Input Devices, Output Devices and Both Input Output devices related to computer.

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Computer Input & Output Devices

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Touchscreens and careful pens involve direct input. An input device sends information to a computer system for processing, and an output device reproduces or displays the results of that processing. Input devices only allow for input of data to a computer and output devices only receive the output of data from another device.

Most devices. Input and Output Devices: Links to topics on this page: Before a computer can process your data, you need some method to input the data into the machine. The device you use will depend on what form this data takes (be it text, sound, artwork, etc.).

Nov 19,  · Computer, Computer Articles, Computer Tutorials, Devices, Input, Input And Output Devices, Input Devices, Output, Output Devices 5 comments Input and Output Devices Before a computer can process your data, you need some method to input the data into the machine.

Input/output device

An input device is something you connect to a computer that sends information into the computer. An output device is something you connect to a computer that has information sent to it.

The devices which are used to input the data and the programs in the computer are known as "Input Devices".

What are input and output devices?

or Input device can read data and convert them to a form that a computer can use. Output Device can produce the final product of machine processing into a form usable by humans. The devices which are used to give data and instructions to the computer are called Input Devices.

Various types of input devices can be used with the computer depending upon the type of data you want to enter in the computer, e.g., keyboard, mouse, joystick, light pen, etc.

Input output devices
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