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Alumni Volunteers Celebrated at Class Officers Weekend 2018

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Class Officers

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The Barker

Details about WW1 WWI Imperial German Prussian Knights Iron Cross 1. and 2. Class officers Set. "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Senior Class Officers.

Carrie Rossiter, treasurer: Howard Basset, president: Sue Alyward, vice president: Betty Peabody, secretary. Seminary Class Officers Your seminary class should include a class president who conducts the meetings. The president leads the class by welcoming them, announcing prayers, and devotionals, etc, and turns time to the teacher.

Class Archivist – Ashish Gandhi Senior Medicine Rep – Laura Andneson Senior Pediatrics Rep – Hande Bilen Senior Surgery Rep – Drew Sanders Emergency Medicine Rep – Hadley Eichengreen Critical Care Rep – Emily Niehaus Capstone Rep – Maddie Smith Discovery Rep – Joey Sharp.

Class Officers and Committees

Class Officers Being an officer of Crestview High School means taking initiative to make things happen and make these years memorable for the entire class. The biggest time commitments for class officers involve Homecoming and fundraising.

Class of Class of President: John Castillo: David Bartlett: Vice President: Garrett Muckleroy: Hannah Datz: Treasurer: Jake Kuzbel: Danny Jayasuriya.

Class officers
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