Amide synthesis of phenacetin

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Williamson Ether Synthesis of Phenacetin

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In seeking aryl acylamidase (EC ) acting on an amide bond in p-acetaminophenol (Tylenol), we identified a novel gene encoding residues of a protein. of acid must be removed because hydrogen ions catalyze the hydrolysis of the amide to p-nitroaniline or its protonated cation.

Most of the acid is removed by pouring the reaction mixture onto ice and. The synthesis of ethyl nalidixate covers three separate experimental procedures, all of which can be completed in three, standard three-hour lab classes and incorporate aspects of green chemistry.


Calculate the theoretical yield in grams for the amide synthesis (not Williamson ether synthesis) of phenacetin. The density of p- phenetidine is g/mL, and the given mass is g. We are also given mL of acetic anhydride as.

The assay is linear over the range 4–1,ngmL−1 for phenacetin and 3–2,ngmL−1 for paracetamol, with a lower limit of quantitation of 4ngmL−1 for phenacetin and 3ngmL−1 for paracetamol.

Well, say the synthesis is from p-amino phenol p-H-O-C 6 H 4 -NH When treated with one equivalent of acetyl chloride or acetic anhydride, the amino group gets acylated s electively.

Amide synthesis of phenacetin
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How do you convert acetaminophen into phenacetin